YOG activities have restarted

YOG activities are almost back to normal.

Whilst car sharing within private vehicles is now permitted, we have not yet re-started meeting at Nunnery Lane Car Park before Sunday walks to arrange car-shares. Instead walkers must either make their own arrangements to car share or make their own way to a walk’s start point. Please be aware that there may be fewer car parking opportunities at walk start points so please plan ahead and be considerate to local residents.

2 August 2021

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YOG’s 30th Birthday

YOG 30th CakeOn Thursday 12th December 2019 York Outdoor Group turned 30!

To celebrate this occasion we had a party. The lyrics to two familiar songs were sung and a poem, specially written for the occasion was read out by Sarah Craigie:

A Poem for YOG

What we love about YOG, when all’s said and done,
is the friendship, the laughter and fun.
New places, new faces, life played on the aces
and good times out in the sun

Whatever your fix, your pick and mix,
you’ll find it in YOG in the round
Inspiring adventures to tease you and tempt you
And joining is only five pounds!

There’s wagtails and cocktails, mangoes and tangos,
pooh sticks, rabbits and whist
Clouds, birds and cake, whatever it takes,
YOG’s a catalyst for our happiness

There’s a warm welcome here and plenty of cheer
YOG raises your spirits by half
Whatever the season, whatever your reason,
YOG puts you on the right path

Some Yoggies say, when they first come our way,
‘It’s not as we would have predicted’
‘But now that we’re here, we’ll continue each year,
we’ve become completely addicted!’

It’s the sharing and caring of life’s ups and downs
As we walk amongst nature in bloom
It’s the pub nights and socials that we find so crucial
There’s always a lot of love in the room

So let’s raise a toast, to some of the most
of the loveliest people we know
Long may we stay, as happy today
And since YOG started 30 years ago.