Frequently Asked Questions

What activities do YOG members do? YOG is a very active social group with approximately 200 (as of February 2024) members. There are walks most Sundays throughout the year. We try to arrange a weekend away each month and throughout the summer (May – August inc) there are evening walks and evening cycle rides too. Social events include trips to the cinema/theatre/music events and meals out. YOG members also go on walking/cycling/skiing/social holidays too.

How would you describe the members of the group? YOG is a very friendly group and prides itself in being a laid-back and inclusive group for people typically aged 40-80. It was founded in December 1989.

Do I need to be fit? A reasonable level of fitness is required as Sunday walks are usually between 8-12 miles, although sometimes shorter, and longer ones may also be offered. In summer, evenings walks are usually between 4-6 miles in length. If unsure of your walking capability it may be a good idea to start with an evening walk. The group leader will always ensure the group walks together. If in doubt contact the walk leader.

Will I need to wear anything particular on a walk? For comfort it is recommended that walking clothes be worn including walking boots. Especially during winter-time, there will be mud! Walkers are recommended to use a rucksack to carry a waterproof jacket and trousers., as well as a packed lunch and either a hot or cold drink. Be aware of the weather forecast before the days’ walk and ensure that all preparations are made for the weather. This may include sun cream, extra water, warmer clothes, extra socks, spare clothes.

I am a slow walker – is that ok? Walk leaders aim to walk at the pace of the slowest walker. If in any doubt of for further details of a walk contact the walk leader.

Do I need a car? No – walkers usually meet at Nunnery Lane car park (near the vehicle entrance) and we car share to the start of the walk in order to reduce the number of cars needed. There is a fixed mileage rate which is divided between the occupants of the car to cover fuel costs.

Do I have to meet at Nunnery Lane? No, it possible to join the group at the starting point of the walk. However, sometimes there is limited parking and/or parking charges so we encourage car sharing. Contact the walk leader for the details and time. We do not advertise the walk leaders details on this website for privacy reasons. However if you contact us, we will put you in touch with the walk leader.

Can I bring a dog?  Please contact the walk organiser. Usually well behaved dogs are ok but they must be on a lead where livestock is around. Unfortunately, it’s not usually possible to bring a dog on weekends away.

I have a medical condition – do I need to tell anyone? Depending on the nature of the medical condition it would be up to the individual to let the walk leader know. For specific conditions like Epilepsy, Type 1 Diabetes for example it may be prudent to let the walk leader know.

I have a special diet, is that a problem for weekend away ? No, the person organising the weekend away will ask if anyone has a special diet prior to buying food for the weekend. Specific diets like Celiacs may choose to bring their own food.

Do I have to lead a walk or a social activity? Everyone is encouraged to arrange a walk, a bike ride, a weekend away or even a social event during the year – there’s always someone willing to help you. Walking activities can only be offered where members offer to lead or organise them. There are opportunities to learn or develop map reading skills from other experienced YOG members, and there would be the opportunity to request a mentor. Weekends away can be organised by a group of people, and is often a good way to share and divide the tasks needed to ensure a successful and enjoyable weekend.

How do I find out what is happening? Check our What’s on? page.  Non-members will need to request full walk details. Members who have paid their annual subscription fee will receive a weekly programme update email containing the full programme, all details and news.

Do I need to be a member to join a walk? No, please come along and join a couple of walks and if you enjoy yourself and would like to attend more, please join us.

What is the membership fee? The current annual membership fee is £5.

How do I join? See our Membership page.