Guidelines for YOG weekends away

Please note these are for guidance only. Final decisions regarding allocation of places, provision of meals, payment deadlines, etc. are up to the weekend organiser.

Also please note that the committee is here to provide support to organisers. So do get in touch if, for example, you’d like help carrying out a lottery.


Weekends away will be announced via email.

The organiser will send an email to the YOG email account detailing the following:

  • Date and details of weekend away
  • Organiser contact details (e.g. phone number, email address)
  • Number of places and any limits to the number of male and female places (if applicable)
  • Last date to notify the organiser that they would like a place (a minimum of one week should be given so all members have a chance to read their emails and determine if they are available)
  • If over-subscribed, how places will be allocated (e.g. lottery or first come first served).

The weekend away will be announced to all members via an email sent out by the Programme Coordinator (or another member of the YOG committee).

Members should contact the organiser directly to book a place by the date provided in the email.

If, after the initial email announcement, places are still available, the organiser will email the YOG account with the number of remaining available places so the details can be included in the weekly email update.

The organiser can also post the following on the YOG Facebook page:

  • Date of the weekend
  • A reminder for people to look out for the announcement email

However, further details of the weekend away shouldn’t be included on Facebook as not all members are on Facebook (unless there are a few places available after the deadline).

Number of organisers / co-organisers

The number of pre-allocated places (e.g. organiser / co-organiser / Xmas weekend chef / walk leader for difficult walks) should be limited to a maximum of 3.

Guidelines for allocating places

  • If, by the deadline after the initial announcement, the weekend is over-subscribed, the organiser should carry out a lottery to allocate places (excluding any places pre-allocated as above). 
  • The lottery should be carried out in the presence of one other YOG member (or can be conducted independently by another YOG member). All names are drawn and a reserve list created for those not allocated a place.
  • Couples can choose either of the following:
    • Have one entry, so they come out together or not at all.  If a couple is drawn and there is only one place left, a further name will be drawn and the couple will be first on the reserve list. 
    • Alternatively, couples can ask to go into the lottery separately, but this may mean only one gets on the weekend.
  • The organiser will inform everyone who has got a place and the order of the reserve list.


The people who have got a place should transfer money to the YOG account within 2 weeks and inform the organiser directly that they have paid.

If there is a reserve list, the organiser should send a reminder to anyone who hasn’t made payment within 2 weeks. If payment is not made 3 days after the reminder, the organiser reserves the right to give the place to someone on the reserve list

Booking alternative accommodation / walks

People should contact the organiser before booking alternative accommodation if they didn’t get on the weekend or if they wish to join the weekend group for the walks. It is at the discretion of the organiser whether they will allow people to book alternative accommodation and / or attend walks.


Please do not hesitate to contact the YOG committee if you have any feedback on the above guidelines.